Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Blue Angel Sent From Above

I'll start off by stating this sweet little post is dedicated to some of my favorite people in the world. Some of whom I hold near and dear to my heart, plus one. A few months ago, we received the wonderful news that Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez would soon be expecting. Soon after we discovered it was a boy and immediately thought of the adorable aviation inspired "Blue Angel" nod as requested by the baby's father in honor of his very own father, my Uncle. With such a charming and appropriate theme, I let my heart lead the way.

New mommy, Jeanette (which in these pictures was still mommy-to-be) has proven to me time and time again how wonderfully carefree life can really be. From the very first day we met, I knew there was something very special about this little lady. Fast forward a couple of years and she is the most beautiful momma in town!

It was an all ladies shower held at the Miami Springs Country Club with an abundance of tasty appetizers and choice of entree followed by a delighful table of desserts.

And lets not forget the sweet and tart blueberry infused wine concoction for the non-preggered women.

A dedication table for our Blue Angel himself.

As with all details, I received tons of help from my mother and sister in law in assembling (and tasting). These mini peanut cones were not only a perfect little treat but originally thought of as "flight snacks" to go with our pilot inspired theme.

The lovely and perfectly fitting cake was created by a very talented friend, Sandra Cordero of Sweet-Tooth Cakes and Cupcakes. I simply gave her an invitation and she did the rest, exceeding our expectations not only in design but in pure deliciousness as well.

The mini whoopies, Oh My! These dangerous little bites were easily assembled by Sash and I with just a dab of vanilla flavored icing and vanilla wafer cookies.

The rest of the sweet treats included powdered donuts, icing covered pretzel rods, chocolate wafers, blueberry and lemon pies, blue swirled lollipops, almond filled chocolates and m&m candies...mostly mini-sized for minimal guilty indulgence.

It was a gorgeous and dearly devoted day to this beautiful family I am privileged to call my own. Below are a few of my favorite pics honoring not only the pretty momma while rocking the aviator shades to go with our theme.

The baby daddy (sporting his Blue Angels tee) alongside his favorite cousin in WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD, me :)

And last, a close up of my own personal detail and piece of heart I carry too.
In memory of my uncle Luis Julian Rodriguez. Thank you for giving us all your love, knowledge, support and best of all sending us a little part of you to remind us of it all.

Vendor Credit:

Venue- Miami Springs Country Club
Photography- Sasha de Almagro Photography
Cake- Sweet-Tooth Cakes and Cupcakes
Printouts- Big House Multimedia

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