Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First and Foremost...

I'd like to start off this post as not only an introduction to my event planning blog pursuit but also with a THANK YOU note to those who have always encouraged my passion. While I've had the opportunity to plan and host numerous events, I've never once sat behind my desk and rambled on about all the details and inspiration that went behind the scenes. And for some those thoughts are never once crossed, but for others (I'm presuming those of you reading this blog) the smallest detail is usually the most significant in the entire planning process.
As with any business venture and/or career move I must admit I'm nervous of how this will go but I can whole-heartedly say I'm truly excited about it taking off in the fantastic world of cyberspace for other party planning devotees to appreciate.

With that said, I'd like to welcome you to my Springtime picnic inspired shoot which was proudly executed with the help of a few special people I love to call family. I decided to plan out an afternoon at the park similar to what our family does for the yearly Easter tradition inclusive of my mother's homemade Spanish Tortilla to the delicious "Suga Babies" sent by my dear P.
As with any event, the feeling of accomplishment is truly fulfilled once you see it through the lens and vision of another creative person...or perhaps that only applies to me, ha-ha. In any case, I'm thankful for yet another successful gathering. Because after the set-up, the feast and the going home, life is all about the details and the prettiest moments that are part of it all.
Hope you've enjoyed the shoot and stay tuned for many more soon to come but on another note, here's a little something else about me...see after all these years of blogging, facebooking and infinite hours of internet use, I have yet to learn how to re-design or create a cooler more appealing layout for this blog. So for now, feel free to comment your little hearts out while you bear with this generic template and enjoy my posts.
Vendor Credits:
-Photography by: Sasha de Almagro
-Cake Pops (a.k.a "Suga Babies") and Marshmallow Treats by: Priscila Mota


  1. Congratulations on your feature with Hostess With The Mostess Blog!! Lovely setting great photos! I noticed the trees in the background and said to myself...that has to be South Florida (my home town), so I popped on over to check out your blog. I am glad I did because I enjoyed reading both your posts. I wish you continued success in your pursuit!!

  2. Very lovely first post.. congrats!! Can't wait to see the rest of your posts.. I'm loving the colors and cute decoration, trying to plan a first ever baby shower and you're palette just inspired me :)

    keep it up, I'm already hooked!