Monday, January 30, 2012

2012, what the?...

WOW, welcome January 2012 and now move out of the way because February is a mere day away! With that said, I'm hoping everyone reading has kept true to their resolutions (at least this far) and looking forward to making new ones. It's part of growing and discovering what works and what doesn't. See for me, well that's been easy. I've learned I'm not the greatest blog keeper as being on almost 6 month hiatus means I've been busy working on other world peace plans! All kidding aside, it's nice to be back and ready for new experiences and surprises but before I officially move on with my BIG plans, I'll briefly mention what went down in the last few months.
The last post you read was dedicated to my sweet momma friend Jennylee and her adorable son's Dr. Seuss' birthday party. Shortly after, Jen contacted me for a birthday/breast cancer awareness event at Eleazer Delgado's Studio located in the Wynwood area of downtown Miami where I was more than pleased to assist. Both a beautiful evening and special cause to recognize. Thanks again for thinking of Ever So Pretty, Jen!
(pictures coming soon)

A few weeks after that was a particularly special day for me, my 30th. Yep, it's true, I'm old. But it's quite alright because I don't feel a day over 24 and I believe it (cause my 21 year old co-worker said so). November 14th to be exact...and in case you want to jot it down on your calendars ;)
My husband and best friends planned a wonderful surprise and weekend getaway to one of my favorite places of all, the great NYC. It was more than I expected and a memory I'll never forget. At the ripe old age of 30, I realized the significance of long lasting relationships and what they've meant thus far. I've learned to value the urgency of getting away for a just a few days, even if it means crying like a big baby cause you've missed your flight (yes, that was me...and yes, on my actual birthday), but more importantly, I've confirmed, a birthday is not a real birth day unless you're sharing it with the one who gave birth and the other who helped get you there...better known as, mom and dad. They'll never read this, but in their hearts they know my heart is theirs.

Moving away from all sorts of mushy-ness, the rest of the year flew by shortly after that. Holidays, birthdays, more holidays and more birthdays, a particularly special one that always gets me was my nephew's, who turned 8 years more amazing on Dec 26. But before his actual celebration day, we headed off to the happiest place, yep you guessed it, on Earth! The great big DISNEY WORLD! See, I told ya I was busy! The best news about this trip (as if Disney could get any better??) was getting the call I'd been waiting for a looooong time now. The kind of call that makes you jump up and down and scream "YES" outloud like a total dufus. The kind of call that goes like this, "Hi, Melissa, just wanted to let you know you got the JOB!" Now that's what I'm talking about!!!!

So, now that I've bragged about much more that you all were anticipating for, I'd like to mention what's in store for this year. I've decided to take Ever So Pretty into the realm of both FASHION and TRAVEL. I figured they're my most passionate subjects and at the present time, both seem like the perfect combination, so why not?!
Of course that doesn't mean, Ever So Pretty Events is taking a break, just expanding into the world of All things Pretty.

Stay tuned for pictures and more consecutive posts!!

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