Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello lover...

It's Valentine's Day Eve, HURRY! Everyone is out scrambling for last minute over priced gifts and reservations, aghhh! Somewhere along the holiday distribution line, this Love Fest somehow snuck in and made gift-giving and fancy dinners a must. It happens, enjoy it.

For my husband and I, this day has become more low-key, less fussy for obvious reasons mentioned above. I'll admit, I don't disregard the lovey, dovey-ness entirely, as a matter of fact, I'm all about preparing my own V-day affair in the privacy of our own home.

I can't take credit for this adorable table setting above (from but I'll mix up a little bit of Ever So Pretty spirits to get something ready for tomorrow...and the best part is, I won't have to tip anybody but myself!

On that note, I'd love to give a BIG shot out to my new fellow blogger friend Ana from Not only is she a really cool gal and totally fashionable (check out her gorgeous necklace from GILT...wink, wink...great V-day gift idea!) but also has a humbling disposition on life's offerings along with her charm.

Whatever you've got planned for tomorrow, make sure its memorable. Promise yourself a night of good-hearted fun and tons of laughter. Remember love is everywhere. In your heart, hopes, dreams and inspirations. Embrace it (and I don't mean Ian or Brad, those two are mine! insert winkey face) Just be thankful for the LOVE that surrounds YOU.

Happy LOVE day to you and yours!

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