Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Art is where the Heart is.

In my humble opinion, Art is not defined by the number of paint strokes or what you learned in college but perhaps acquired intuitively; art is self-identified. It wasn’t until fairly recent that I worked for a production in search of the next famed artist through which I discovered a more subjective appreciation for art work, and even then, I still find myself framing family pictures or assessing my wardrobe as my very own form of art. I am not a wall art aficionado but I am, however, all about cultural indulgence. Cue my husband who is very much on point when it comes to sweet and thoughtful surprises when the Salvador Dali exhibit came to town. Even though our highly anticipated evening was anything but glam amidst the Miami commotion and “complimentary cocktails”, I realized my favorite part was playing socialite with the hubs on VIP night and ending with a second and much more ‘laxed afternoon with my sweet pops.

Not a great pic, but take a look at the very neat “Elastica” installation that spans across the balconies at the Historic Moore Building in the Design District, followed by "Meli's Dali", a few portraits of the genius himself, and last (and most memorable) dad and I (post-Ombre hair coloring).

Dali's eccentric imagination and quirky 'stache ventured into the surrealist movement in search of self expression. I’d propose the lesson learned here goes without saying, but for the sake of words and wisdom, a blank canvas can easily be tranformed into a self expressed work of art, if and when your heart pours onto it, too.

Kudos to Dali for even giving me a piece ;)

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